HR and Employment Law

The core service from Kingfisher HR was designed specifically to support and protect Clients who have not yet developed a secure in house Human Resources operation. Our Clients recognise that is essential they comply with current legislation and, equally importantly, wish to ensure that their contractual and operational dealings with their staff reflect best practice.

We work on a retainer basis so that Clients have access to our services whenever they need it . The retainer brings a reliable and compliant service on the wide range of employment law issues and an hour of free support each and every month. Employment issues can arise at any time and additional work on any relevant topic is charged at the same reasonable hourly rate. You’ll never need to call a Law firm again.

The service incorporates an annual review of your style/standard contracts of employment and Staff handbook. If you do not have these documents in place, then we will help you develop and implement them. You will receive up to an hours support per month plus unlimited access to standard documents that we hold on file (e.g. advice notes/ style letters/contracts). Any further work over and above the first hour each month is charged at the rate of £75 plus vat per hour.

The retainer contract runs for a period of 12 months. You pay an annual membership fee of £250 plus vat, payable upon subscribing to the service; followed by a monthly fee of £60 plus vat.

Time incurred traveling to and from your business premises will not be charged (unless specifically agreed in advance). Mileage is charged on the basis of 45 pence per mile or at cost where public transport is used.

The support provided under Kingfisher 60/60 can be used as flexibly as you wish. Generally, advice would be provided over the phone or by email, however support can be provided in person where reasonably required and subject to fair usage.