Mediation is a flexible process used for resolving disputes in which a neutral third party helps the parties move forward. It concentrates on helping those involved move from entrenched positions to finding a resolution to a dispute. Mediation can assist parties to resolve work place disputes and difficulties that may have arisen between colleagues.

The mediator manages or facilitates the process through which the parties get to a point where they can reach agreement.

Mediation Works!

  • Mediation consistently has a success rate in the region of 90%.
  • It gets people talking. People in conflict tend to take up rigid positions and avoid communicating with the party with whom they are in conflict, or will only communicate with them through an intermediary. The face-to-face meeting which is likely to take place in a joint session during mediation allows communication directly between the parties.
  • It maintains and repairs relationships. By focusing on finding a solution rather than apportioning blame, mediation helps parties in conflict resolve their differences. This is particularly beneficial where the employment relationship is continuing.