A variety of Kingfisher Training Modules are available within your 60:60 Membership

If you have any doubts about which are the most appropriate options for your business at this time, simply contact us for a no obligation conversation.
As part of your 60:60 membership you can incorporate your hour per month into this training and will only be charged for each hour over this. You will also be charged mileage.
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Training courses available for delivery on your premises, or off site, include:

Customer Service
This 3 hour session incorporates the fundamental areas of customer service. Identify what your customers’ expectations are and how to achieve them. How to create a positive first impression whether face to face or over the telephone. This is ideal for those new to customer service, however it is a flexible course that can be delivered to all levels as per your particular requirements.

Time Management
This one hour session is suited to staff of all levels and experience. The aim is to go through techniques to identify the way you use your time and spot time thieves. It also covers how to prioritise and schedule your time to be as efficient and effective.

Stress Management
This 3 hour session is a must for all staff. It incorporates ways to monitor stress and identifying the main reason behind stress, we then move on to effective ways to reduce stress and the impacts of stress on your life, both at work and at home.

Managing Conflict
This 2 hour session is aimed at team members who potentially could deal with conflict in the workplace. We will cover everything from knowing when to get involved through to which intervention is appropriate for the situation you are faced with. We also include enhanced communication skills, getting to the core of the conflict and finding the common ground between those involved.

Equality Training
This one hour session covers all areas of Equality in the workplace and forms part of your risk management. Employers who have taken reasonable steps occurring in the workplace will usually be able to rely on a statutory defence to any claims. Reasonable steps will include training and an updated policy. This session counts towards your company training – and therefore it is a must.

Essential Communication Skills
In this 2 hour session we explain what good communication is and gives clear guidance on how to improve your listening and questioning skills. Demonstrate the use of Open questions and identify different behavioural styles in order to understand communication to all types of people and situations.

Managing poor performance
This 2 hour session is useful for managers to get a more efficient and productive workforce. We aim to give you the skills to recognise poor performance and then go on to explore the benefits of using positive support and direction. The course is aimed at front-line managers as it will equip them with the skills to deal confidently and professionally with poor performers within the organisation.

Presentation Skills
This 2 hour session covers everything from the anatomy of a successful presentation through to delivery and dealing with “know-it-alls, talkers and general hecklers.” We aim to give you the confidence to get over any hurdles you have and deliver an informed presentation.
We also give you techniques for varying vocal tones and body language.

Managing difficult customers
This is a more specific session in the field of customer service. As the level of expectation for customer service goes up, so does the frustration when things don’t go to plan. This course goes into detail on why customers get upset, how to build a rapport, understanding different communication styles and how to communicate with unreasonable customers to retain their business. This 2 hour session is more suitable for more experienced staff, team leaders and managers.